September 4, 2018


Supporting our Local Businesses

We need to support our local businesses.  By shopping and dining locally our Carpinteria businesses can offer a larger and deeper line of products at better prices. This helps all of us.  It gives us more products without having to drive to Santa Barbara. This decreases the traffic congestion on the 101.  It also decreases gas consumption and pollution and saves all of our time.  I am not saying we should not shop at Costco or other merchants, just Shop and Dine Locally more often.  Make it a point to find what you need here in our wonderful town of Carpinteria!


Relieving Traffic Congestion

    • Ideas to relieve traffic congestion:
    • Shop and Dine locally
    • Work from home one day a week
    • Work a four-day/ten-hour work week. (there is a lot of research showing this is more productive and increases employee satisfaction)
    • Finish the 101 construction to three lanes all the way to Santa Barbara
    • Take the train
    • Work in Carp
    • Start your own company and work out of your home
    • Use a bike or walk around town
    • Drive carefully to avoid accidents
    • Send me your ideas. 


Preserving and Improving the Natural Beauty of our Environment

We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We need to protect it to keep it that way.  This includes:

  • Keeping our beach and city clean of trash and pollutants
  • Develop programs and financing to encourage solar electric usage. I believe we can go 100% solar by 2030 or sooner.
  • Encourage recycling programs.