Dar Ringling for Carpinteria
city council

Why I'm Running

My wife and I love living in the wonderful and unique coastal community of Carpinteria. I want to serve and protect the charming, small town culture that we all love and enjoy. There is no place on earth like Carpinteria. I would use my years of experience in accounting and working with budgets to wisely manage our budget and maximize our tax dollars.
Go to Public Safety

Public Safety

This is our first priority. We need to live in a town where everyone is safe to walk and ride their bikes.

Go to Economic Vitality

Economic Vitality

“Shop and Dine Locally” Carpinteria needs to support our local businesses and create a culture that builds sustainable business models. This includes strategically attracting gaps in the goods and services currently available.

Go to Education


We need to support our total education systems. This includes our schools and community education opportunities. We need to help our school boards, adminstration, teachers and parents create the best world class education.

Go to Protecting our environment

Protecting our environment

We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We need to protect it to keep it that way.  Keeping our beach and city clean of trash and pollutants. Developing programs and financing to encourage solar electric usage.

Help us improve our community by electing Dar Ringling to the Carpinteria City Council. We need your support!

About Dar

A lifetime of financial management experience
Please cast a vote to elect me to our Carpinteria City Council. Thank you for your trust and support.

Darwin "Dar" Ringling is the one person many businesses turn to come in and clean up the books, get things in proper working financial order and create the checks and balances that are so necessary for a healthy company. He's active in his local community of Carpinteria and is a strong supporter of shopping locally.

His plan for Carpinteria will protect public safety, promote financial well being and help preserve that unique spirit and feel of Carpinteria with measured growth.